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Hot Water Maintenance


How does the Anode Work?

Simply the Anode is a softer alloy than the cylinder so any corrosion will occur at
the Anode and not your tank cylinder.

This Protection Works!

“The Anode installed in your water heater will slowly dissipate whilst protecting the
cylinder” – Rheem Australia

The Benefits to You

By replacing the Anode every 3-4 years or (as required)

  • You extend the life of your Hot Water Unit.
  • You save on the inconvenience of a leaking Hot water Unit and time of no hot water for showers and washing in family life.
  • You save the expense of replacement of your Hot Water Unit. BIG $$$ (Remember the cost when you last replaced your Hot water Unit.)
  • Will help the environment, by replacing the Anode an not the Hot Water Tank.
  • Conserves Resources.
  • You have complied with manufacturers maintenance recommendations to fully extend the cylinders life.



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Hot Water Systems

hot water system

All about Hot Water Systems -Did you Know?

“Tank Corrosion is the main cause of Hot Water Unit failure”
– Energy Efficiency Victoria

How long will my Hot Water Unit last?

There are various factors which determine the length of life of your Hot Water Unit. Water quality, the Water Temperature, the “Anode” and the Water Pressure.


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